2020 - What a year indeed!

Yay! We made it, my goodness what a long and at times tricky year it has been. Looking back at this time last year I never thought 2020 would be the year it has turned out to be. But then who did really? 

We welcomed a new year with unprecedented bush fires, floods, national toilet paper restrictions and a global pandemic. What was 2020 for you - we'd love to hear your highlights in the comments section below. 

For me personally, it was a challenging one interspersed with many highlights. 

The start of 2020 saw me filled with enthusiasm of what could be and plans for an organic tea business based around my passion for mental health. A long-term dream to share my journey thus far and what helped me on the road to recovery (in the hope in would make a difference in the lives of others). What started out as a pipeline dream in February 2020, saw me learning more about technology and social media than I ever thought possible and felt such pride for achieving our launch in October 2020 *cue the dancing*. I really did it!

Something that took me well out of my comfort zone, saw me experience a whole raft of feelings I had never felt before and frustrated the crap out of me at times if I am honest. And yet I did it! I persevered when there were times I wanted to give up in defeat. I did it when my anxiety was through the roof some days trying to manage a full-time job and passion side hustle. I did it from scratch and continue to do it and am so incredibly proud of me. To be honest, not something I have ever thought I would ever say about myself. 

I owe a huge shout out to @front_back_and_sides, @shoot_to_succeed, @oulastudio_ and @slowcoachingco for helping me on my journey xo

Isn't it strange how we are often our own worst enemy and if you are like me you look to elevate others when they are less than kind to themselves and yet we don't place the same importance to ourselves. Our self-esteem is so critical to how we see ourselves, the choices we make (or don't) and how we interact with the world (or not), and it took me the better part of this year to realise this (like not just think it but actually feel it).

That's been the key word for me in 2020 FEELINGS. 

So, with 2021 quickly approaching, what I am looking for? My resolutions this coming year focus on self-care, self-image and maintaining a state of calm amongst the madness that will inevitably pop up. I think I have reached a point in my life where what I am doing no longer serves me and I feel there is more out there for me that I haven't yet explored. 

As I write my intentions and celebrate ringing in 2021 with my family, I wish your health, strength (physical, mental and emotional) and wellness. I hope you too take some time out to nourish you and fill your cup just as I am sure you fill other cups.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support as MentaliTEA Collective has grown, we wouldn't be here without you, and we look forward to continuing the conversation next year (how strange does it sound to say that?).

Best wishes always for the rest of 2020 and Happy New Year for 2021.

Dianne xo


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