Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ingredients do you use in MentaliTEA teas?

 All of our delicious teas are hand blended and packed in Australia, and sourced from 14 suppliers ranging from India/ Sri Lanka, Egypt and Turkey/ Albania.  

Our ingredients are 100% organic, all-natural and caffeine free. 

Why choose MentaliTEA Collective? 

Our handcrafted, organic tea blends are designed to lift your spirits and relax your mind. After all TEA is more than just a hot drink, it's your companion, nurturer, nourisher and healer; supporting your mental health and wellness. 

Our blends will reinvigorate and recharge you. Take you to a place of serenity, groundedness and relaxation.

Put simply its' your warm hug in a cup, just for you.  

How should I store my tea?

The key to a perfect cup of tea is some MentaliTEA of course! To ensure your tea stays fresh and flavourful as the day you bought it, store in a cool dry place such as the pantry and in an air tight container or re-sealable bag (like the one it came in).

If using a re-sealable bag, it is wise to expel the air prior to re-sealing, to lock in the flavour and freshness.

How much tea should I use for a cup of tea?

The ideal serve for a single cup of tea is 1 heaped teaspoon for 250ml (1 cup) water. If you prefer a stronger flavour, simply add an extra teaspoon, instead of steeping for longer.

Remember to keep your used tea leaves and re-use (for lighter taste buds you can re-use up to 3 times), making your purchase even more economical!  

What is the ideal temperature for brewing a cup of tea?

For best results, bring your water to a slight boil then let it rest for 2-5 minutes and allow it to cool to the ideal temperature range for optimal tea drinking. You are worth it remember!

How long should I steep my tea?

This depends on your taste preferences, and some teas have different brewing times. It’s completely up to you how strong you like to enjoy your tea.

As a general rule of thumb to assist you make the perfect warm hug in a cup:

Herbal Teas 4- 6 minutes

White Tea 1-3 minutes

Green Tea 2-3 minutes

Black Tea 3-4 minutes

How do I become a stockist of MentaliTEA Collective?

We are so thrilled you want to share MentaliTEA Collective with your customers! Please refer to the  Wholesale  page for more information about becoming a stockist.

I have just received my order and it’s incorrect – what should I do?

Am so sorry to hear that, we must have packed your order before having our morning cup of tea! If there are problems with your order.

We will rectify this immediately for you. Please contact so we can sort it out for you ASAP.

Is your tea organic?

Yes, we only use 100% certified organic ingredients to hand blend your teas. The certified part is really important to us, so we know that we’re nourishing you with the highest quality ingredients. This means there will never be anything unnatural in your cuppa (including no sweeteners and flavourings too)

What is better, loose leaf or tea bags?

There is no purer and satisfying way to enjoy a moment of solitude, calm and presence than to experience the natural flavour of tea in its purest loose leaf form.

Pre-packaged tea in tea bags picked off the shelf on the other hand are convenient, however the tea can sometimes be processed to the point it becomes powder like. Not our tea bags, we have perfected our recipe so whether you choose loose leaf or tea bags, you are guaranteed of the same deliciousness. 

We pride ourselves on our Happiness Guarantee, your happiness with our teas is our number one priority. Should you be less than happy with your teas, we will solve your problem no questions asked.

Read our Happiness Guarantee here .

Now on to brewing a soothing cup with some MentaliTEA. Take the tour.