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Our Philosophy

The gift of love and wellness begins with taking the time to blend a pinch of nourishment, care, understanding, relaxation, slow breathing and strength. 

Let steep for however long you wish or need. 

Infuse your senses with aromatics that delight, awaken, calm and nurture. 

Our handcrafted, organic tea blends are designed to lift your spirits and relax your mind. After all TEA is more than just a hot drink, it's your companion, nurturer, nourisher and healer; supporting your mental health and wellness. 

If today is leaving you feeling tired, sluggish, or de-motivated, pop the kettle on and soothe your soul with one of our comforting chamomile, passionfruit, and lavender blends.

Perhaps, you’re looking to sharpen your senses and feel focused and invigorated? Then why not try our combination of rich, organic rosemary, ginger, and turmeric to put some zing into your zen.

At MentaliTEA Collective, your well-being is our highest priority. No matter what the day brings, we have created a perfect brew, just for you.

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