Our Philosophy

Using herbs to heal is a practice that has been around longer than we can track. 

With more and more of us needing to prioritise our wellness, natural modalities are proving their worth and improving the quality of our lives daily.

Mentalitea Collective is an all-inclusive, female owned and run company, dedicated to offering you functional tea blends to restore balance, reduce stress, improve sleep and boost immunity. Your online tea store that supports your well-being. 

Here at MentaliTEA Collective, our ethos is to create balance in the mind, body and soul using nature’s best healers just for you.  

We encourage you to implement mindful wellness practices into your daily life to improve quality of life. We encourage self-care and conscious living. We encourage you to live your best life. We encourage you … full stop.

Our mission is to not just sell an amazing wellness product but to create a community, a safe and comfortable place for you to lean into your humanness.  

Mentalitea Collective are tea loving humans committed to loving themselves through wellness, compassion and authenticity.

Want to join us? We’d love to have you.

Your Guide to Rituals

Aligning behaviour and creating shared and / or sacred experiences, rituals forge a sense of belonging & feeling grounded within yourself. They can provide a sense of stability & safety within an unpredictable and chaotic world. Time for self-care, rest and reflection is in itself an act of self-love and reaffirms to your brain you are a priority and worth it! Recommended Teas for your Rituals:

Unwind Tea

Chai Tea

Healthy Boost

Let's create the perfect rituals for you today!

Mindful Colouring Warms the Soul!

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and let your mind clear from all that has happened today. Make yourself a nourishing cuppa and devote time to colouring. Yes colouring! It's no longer juts for kids, and can evoke a deep connection with sense and how you are feeling. Plus you create something beautiful and yours in the process. Try it now!

Recommended Teas for you while mindful colouring:

I Can't Believe it's Not Coffee

Self Care Tea Gift Box

Relaxation sample sized teas