Getting over the New Year slump

“The woman that deliberates is lost” - Joseph Addison

Wishing you a Happy 2023! May it bring you prosperity, love, joy, peace, serenity, and more…

Whether you are back at work, on holidays or still on leave at home I want to start by asking “How are you feeling?”. For many of us, the post-Christmas / New Year period can be a time of quiet reflection and getting ready to get back into things. For others it can be quite a slump that leaves you feeling flat, de-motivated, uninspired, sad or just plain blah….

Why is that you wonder?

The lead up to the festive season is all systems go, our adrenals are on over-drive, our minds constantly filled with to-do lists, shopping, gift wrapping, scheduling in numerous catchups (some of which we may feel more obliged to attend than pure wanting to). And that happens outside of our jobs, which for many can also be a busy and often hectic time. Does that leave any downtime for you? Possibly not …..

So by the time we have celebrated with friends and family, exchanged gifts, savored delicious meals we are plain exhausted and have little energy for anything other than slumping on the lounge. Not that there is anything wrong with resting and taking time out to refresh and recharge. I am talking more about the complete lack of joy, momentum, wanting to do anything. And you deserve more than that.

So what can you do about it? Firstly, relax and know this is normal and you are certainly not alone.


Here’s 5 quick tips to get you back on the road to yourself and start 2023 fresh, energized and inspired:

  1. Accept your limits

Check in with yourself each day. How much energy do you have? Know that on some days your reserve might be quite low and really in need of some rest and recuperation. On other days, you may have a little more in the tank to get out and enjoy some fresh air, that book you have been meaning to read.

  1. Take baby steps

While I am a big fan of planning, diving all in and cramming your days with endless to do lists will only serve to burn you out quicker than perhaps you already are. Instead perhaps try one activity per day, see how you feel and whether you have capacity for more and take it one day at a time. There is no hurry. Your health is what is most important!

  1. Ban a time waster

Now this is an interesting one and will be different for each of us. For me this looks like mindless scrolling on social media and checking emails multiple times per day. What I came to realise is they became a distraction from what I should be focusing on (i.e.) me and often left me more exhausted. So, take a few deep breaths and then consciously consider what are your time wasters? How can you create new habits that encourage time benefiters instead?

  1. Tweak your routine

Take a different route to work, school, shops, one that you don’t know. We are creatures of   habit and often do so without conscious thinking. Try switching up your routine and notice the difference to your mindset, thoughts and energy levels. Perhaps considering adding in a new habit to your daily routine, one focused on health, finances, well-being….

  1. Focus on the benefits

What are some of the positives for you coming into a new year? Are there particular goals you desire to achieve? How exciting! Focus on what is good in your life is a fabulous mood enhancer. Even if you aren’t there yet, getting into the energy of your future self who is there can do amazing things for you mentally and emotionally. Staying focused on the positive gives you momentum to keep going a much as it does to tune into yourself and what you are needing at any given moment.

We all go through slumps and sometimes we think its easier to suffer in silence than bother someone else, the truth is there is always help and love out there for each and every one of us if we take the first step and ask for help.

If however, it becomes more than a few days slump and you feel you are isolating or withdrawing from loved ones and daily life, I encourage you to seek professional support (see further information here). From my own personal experience while this first step was the hardest, I can honestly say I have never looked back and am so thankful I took that step.

As always be kind and loving to yourself, you are doing the best you can and that it always good enough.

As I write my intentions and celebrate ringing in 2023 with my family, I wish you health, strength (physical, mental and emotional) and wellness. I hope you too take some time out to nourish you and fill your cup just as I am sure you fill others cups.

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