Retreat Yourself at Home

“Sometimes I need to go off on my way. 

I’m not sad.

I’m not angry.

I’m recharging my batteries” - Kristen Butler

Do you find yourself craving some time away from family, work, life in general? Not because you are unhappy, angry, sad…. More you value ‘you time’ and the importance of prioritising your own physical, mental and emotional well-being. Does this sound like you?

What are your thoughts about a Retreat? Do you envision it as relaxing, rejuvenating, pampering, worthwhile or do you instead see a retreat as a luxury, non-necessity, frivolous and don’t have time for it. Which side of the teacup are you?

What if you could ‘treat’ yourself in the comfort of your home, with beauty items in your bathroom and feel amazing! Are you willing to give it a shot?

At home retreats became more and more popular during the past few years during numerous lockdowns, with many creative ways to get back in touch with ourselves.

Here’s how to Retreat Yourself, you will need the following items:

  1. Bath/shower gel & lotion
  2. Candle
  3. Your favourite blend of tea
  4. Relaxing music
  5. 30mins to 1 hour all to yourself

The items I have selected are ones most of us would already have in our bathroom cupboards and so can be sought at a moments’ notice and avoid the want/ need to procrastinate, avoid, reschedule, you get where I am going with this. Our mindset is incredibly powerful and the thoughts we allow to take over impact our everyday both positively and negatively.

Take a moment to reflect on what thoughts you have around Retreating Yourself?  What thoughts and feelings are popping up for you?

Now, let’s begin.

Pop the kettle on and select your most favourite blend of tea and let’s get ready! Self-care truly does matter. My favourites are Unwind Tea or My Chai Time, both hand blended with relaxing herbs and properties to naturally reduce stress levels and evoke a sense of calm.

Place your candle somewhere safe and away from water, light and take a few moments to focus on the flame. Take a couple of deep breaths and notice your mind slow down, ready to enjoy some relaxation.  

Finish making your cup of tea and select your choice of relaxing playlist. If you don’t have one, I invite you to try our Spotify playlist here – and would love to know what you think.

Run yourself a bath (If you have one), add you favourite bath gel that ignites aromatic pleasure and will nurture your body. If you don’t have a bath, run yourself a hot shower adding a few drops of essential oil if you have some. Inhale deeply and savour the aroma (or steam) moving through your body and notice the sense of relaxation that takes over.

Take time to feel the water cleanse your skin and imagine it washing away any fears, anxiety, any negative feelings you are experiencing. Imagine it washing down the drain and you are feeling lighter and energised.

Continue to breath deeply, I love to do the box method of breathing to help re-centre and ground myself to the present moment. Take four breaths in, hold for count of 3, breath out for 4 and repeat as often as you can/like. Taking the time to slow our breathing calm our nervous system and moves us away from a flight or fight response in our bodies and mindset.

Do you notice what time it is? I bet 30minutes has passed already and it didn’t even feel that long did it? I am curious though, what words would you use to describe how you are feeling? And I bet the world hasn’t ended by you taking some self care time for you has it? Is this something you can continue with weekly, monthly – add it to your calendar, showing yourself you are a priority and more than that, are worth it!

Once finishing your bath or shower, take some time to massage lotion in, thanking every part of your body for all that it does for you all day, every day. Massage the knots away in your neck, the sore muscles in your arms, hips or legs perhaps. Don’t forget your feet, they deserve some love too. Using your thumb to massage the soles on your feet is pure heaven and instant relaxation. Don’t believe it – try it for yourself! 

Get dressed and notice how different your energy feels afterwards. If you can, take a few minutes to journal what you are thinking and feeling. Was it worth it for you, would you incorporate more selfcare into your routine?

If you would like to learn more about Rituals, I invite you to download or free How -to Rituals guide here.

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