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MentaliTEA Collective delivers you beautiful, natural, organic hand blended teas that support your  mental health and well-being. Our Teas and Tea Boxes are designed with you in mind and what you needs may be on any given day.

They do more for you than just taste delicious and smell divine. They support you to dedicate time for self love and self care, a companion to help you start the day or just get through it! 

Easy ordering and prompt delivery (free shipping over $60) and a loving community of like minded souls who know there is so much more to life.

Make self care your Number One priority everyday and see the difference for yourself! Looking after YOU brings the greatest rewards. 

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Your Guide to Rituals

Aligning behaviour and creating shared and / or sacred experiences, rituals forge a sense of belonging & feeling grounded within yourself. They can provide a sense of stability & safety within an unpredictable and chaotic world. Time for self-care, rest and reflection is in itself an act of self-love and reaffirms to your brain you are a priority and worth it! Recommended Teas for your Rituals:

Unwind Tea

Chai Tea

Healthy Boost

Let's create the perfect rituals for you today!

Mindful Colouring Warms the Soul!

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and let your mind clear from all that has happened today. Make yourself a nourishing cuppa and devote time to colouring. Yes colouring! It's no longer juts for kids, and can evoke a deep connection with sense and how you are feeling. Plus you create something beautiful and yours in the process. Try it now!

Recommended Teas for you while mindful colouring:

I Can't Believe it's Not Coffee

Self Care Tea Gift Box

Relaxation sample sized teas